Are you the captain of your ship?

“Your choices determine your goals”. We are aware. Our mind knows. But, mysteriously, our lives often don’t follow this simple principle. Why is it? Because we don’t only think in different way. If we want to create a real change, we have to build new habits.

Often, we want to change our direction, but we have the strength to really change. We act as if we were not the captain of our ship. What we do is comfortable, we know the pattern and it is reassuring. So, why do we change? Sometimes we blame others because we didn’t achieve our goals. Our storms, rough seas are caused by others (family, friends, colleagues,…)

Therefore, the first change is to come in our mind. Maybe, the first question is:

What's the worst thing that can happen to me if I try this?

Sometimes we want the result immediately. There are steps back and leaps forward. In my experience, I noted there are moments of accumulation of information and practice and then, sometimes unexpectedly, there’s a qualitative leap. The captain knows that his ship sails for many miles seemingly without advance because there aren’t reference points but finally, after many days,  the ship reaches its destination. If the captain had lost trust in his direction, the ship could not arrive at the destination.

What’s the lesson?

Have crystal clear goals, keep calm and work hard!




Hello, everybody!

I want to tell you my objective. I am Italian. I know a little bit of English and less of Chinese. BUT, I know a plethora of methods to learn a language. It’s the time to use the best and to do the best effort with a clear objective: speak with someone!

Why did I decide to write this in a blog? It is an excellent suggestion by Benny Lewis in his book.

How did I initiate my journey?

Recently, I subscribed to website. I found an excellent English teacher, Jessica , that, with a lot of patience, listens to my mistakes and helps me to have a conversation.

Obviously, all this requires my discipline and commitment, but I can see the present and future benefits.

I will tell about this!